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Igor Fernando
May 31, 2022
In Vashikaran Expert
I love first-person shooters. Imagine emotions during combat events. Unlike reality, I can run through the trenches, defeat hundreds of enemies and not be afraid to die. In addition, many shooters like COD are masterpieces in terms of level design. Once I spent a week finding the best COD maps of all time. I explored every piece of the location and was surprised by the carefulness of thel designers. But most of all, I remember Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Usually, games in this series are aimed at revealing the military events of WWII. But Advanced Warfare is a story aimed at showing gamers what future military conflicts might look like. For me, this game has become iconic in terms of graphics, gameplay, and drama. Plus, I loved that Kevin Spacey played the main antagonist. However, I also want to mention Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. I like this shooter because of the realistic combat and dynamic storyline. The modern world is not what the mass media show it to be. The developers did a good job and created charismatic protagonists. I got a lot of positive emotions, defeating hundreds of enemies and revealing the insidious plans of the antagonists.

Igor Fernando

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